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Admissions & Fees

 Accepting Applications all Year

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We accept applications all year round and are open 50 weeks of the year (close for 2 weeks at Christmas).


Details of what the fees include are shown below.

For more information call

0207 277 6243

or email

Opening Hours: 8am - 6pm, Monday to Friday, 50 weeks per year (excluding bank holidays and 2 weeks at Christmas),


A full day sesssion is from 8am to 6pm. Morning sessions run from 8am to 1pm. The afternoon sessions run from 1pm - 6pm. If you require any ad-hoc additional hours we can accomodate this. These type of hours will be charged to the nearest appropriate half/full day rate.


Fees are paid monthly in advance and are inclusive of breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. Some additional extra curricular activities may or may not be included in the fees too.

Full time place: £220 per week

Daily place: £55

Morning/Afternoon Session: £40

We welcome childcare vouchers and tax free childcare benefits. There are more details around nursery proceddures on our FAQs page.


If you would like more information about our fees or would like a prospectus, please contact the nursery either by phoning us on 020 277 6243, or by emailing us.


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