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Your Questions Answered

  • Can I come and view your nursery?
    Yes you can, please phone to make an appointment. Our details are in the contact section of the website.
  • Do you accept children who have 30-hour Government funding?
    Yes we do. You can bring your eligibliblity letter which will have your code and we can admit your child. If you don't have this yet and are unsure if you are eliglible you can apply on the government website:
  • Can I use childcare vouchers?
    Yes you can. We ask you to set this to us so that they are paid in around the beginning of the month. We are unable to refund these due to tax purposes so you will need to make sure you do not make overpayments with them.
  • What happens at the settling in days?
    We understand coming to somewhere new can take some time to get used to thats why we provide settling in days. We follow your child's pace and have a conversation with you about your child's favourite things, what they don't like, routine etc so that they feel at ease. For example if they enjoy playing in the home corner, we will set an activity there. Settling happens over 3 days. Each day we will ask you to leave for a small period of time, with the understanding that if your child is upset, we will contact you soon after to let you know. During the settling-in days, we will keep you updated constantly, so you can know how your child is. For more infromation on this and how we can get your child started please contact us.
  • Does my child have to attend full-time?​​
    No, we have the option for your child to attend part time.
  • Will my child need to wear a uniform?
    No, there is no uniform.
  • Can I change my days after my child has started? How much notice do I have to give?
    You sure can. You will need to give at least one week's notice and we will accommodate providing there is space.
  • How do I pay my fees?
    Fees are payable by monthly direct debit.
  • What happens if I am late to collect my child?
    The nursery operates a late collection policy. Any child that is collected after their session has finished will be charged an additional fee.
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